07 March 2014

I never learned this in school.

Why are animals today much smaller than prehistoric ones? If dinosaurs were to live today, they wouldn't have the bone or muscle strength to move around. The tallest dinosaurs would also have deadly high blood pressure and stress on their hearts. Gravity had to be much weaker for super-sized dinosaurs to walk and live on earth. In order for the Earth to have a weaker gravity, it must have been a lot smaller. At least a third of its size today.

Expanding Earth Theory 

If we shrink the Earth down to a third of its size, all continents end up fitting perfectly together like pieces a jigsaw puzzle. This explains why fossils of the same species of dinosaurs were discovered on different continents. Mountain belts of similar rocks and structures also spread across different continents. But why did the Earth grow?

Hollow Earth Theory 

First lets take a look at how hot air balloons work. When you light a fire under a balloon, the balloon will expand. Heated gas expands its container. No different than the Earth.

In 1692, English astronomer, Sir Edmond Halley proposed a hollow Earth idea and a central Sun when he was trying to understand the Earth's magnetic field. (This ties in with another theory towards the end.) Electrical currents inside its Sun generate magnetic fields and causes the Earth to spin. Perhaps it was the spinning motion and the magnetic fields caused the Earth to grow. Halley also suggested that the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, might be caused by the rays from a central Sun shining out of the North Pole.

In the 1741, Swiss mathematician and physicist, Leonhard Euler also theorized that the Earth is hollow with an interior sun. In 1947, Rear Admiral Richard Byrd led an official government backed program called Operation Highjump, a “military exercise” in Antarctica. There is much, much more to be said about what exactly happened but to put it short, Byrd found an opening to the center of the Earth at the North Pole and actually saw the central Sun.

Also many ancient myths and legends from around the world claim that there were portals to the inner Earth and how ancestors emerged in ancient times from caves.

"What are you talking about? We can just explore caves and find an entrance to the inner Earth.” 

You are not allowed to go into a cave with natural opening into the Earth without a federal cave permit or a federal cave expert. Caves are government property.

“Can’t we fly over the Poles to see if there really is an entrance?” 

No-fly zones are in place both at the North and South Pole. Even satellites are not directed over these no-fly zones which explain why we can’t see the Poles on Google.

“What about all those Polar Challenges held every year?”

Competitors race to the Magnetic Poles, not the True Geographic Poles which are fixed points of the Earth's surface. Magnetic Poles are constantly shifting. Without GPS or a compass and extreme, harsh weather conditions, finding the True Geographic Poles is very difficult.

Earlier I mentioned about the magnetic field. Doesn't the hollow Earth itself look similar to an atom?

Electric Universe Theory 

Which throws away the entire idea of gravity. The formation and existence of the universe can be better explained by electromagnetism.